Series 2 | Episode 2 | Ameliarate Through Wine | Giles Coren


I don’t think I have ever had to put so many bleeps into a recording, but I would expect nothing less from the ‘brilliant but irascible’ Giles Coren. Most of you will know him as The Times Restaurant critic and writer.  He is also a Queens Park rangers superfan, winner of the worst literary sex scene and confesses himself to be a ‘bit of an arse hole’. He was actually lovely and I adored our candid conversation around wine bores, how to navigate restaurant wine lists, how context is actually more important than food whilst also busting a lot of misconceptions and myths around the food industry. I even managed to get in my grilled guinea pig impersonation much to Giles’ bemusement. 

The wines to pair over this opinionated and colourful lunch had to be equally personality filled and slightly rebellious. From M and S, I served an orange wine from Georgia – which absolutely delivered on the personality front. For my next two wines, both from wine importer, Lay and Wheeler, I served a Grand Cru equivalent Pinot Noir from Austria and a stunning Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa which Giles described as smelling and tasting ‘posh’. Phew! Both were made by innovative, rebellious winemakers who refused to follow the crowd. Much like my memorable guest. 

Supermarket:  Marks & Spencer 

Wine: Lost and Found Range: Mtsvane, Georgia 2022 

Importer: Lay and Wheeler 

Wine:  Blaufrankisch, Ried Kirchberg, Blaufrankisch, Weingut Moric, 2020 and  Main Road and Dignity Cabernet Sauvignon, Restless River, Hemel en Aarde, South Africa 2018   

To buy the wine and drink along, go visit your local Marks and Spencer  and  go online to: