Series 2 | Episode 4 | Ameliarate Through Wine | Oz Clarke


It was such a delight being reunited with my dear friend and highly esteemed wine expert, Oz Clarke OBE. He is a highly lauded wine writer, broadcaster, tv presenter and kickstarted the demystification of wine back in the 80’s. As well as being the wine world’s most popular guide and cheerleader, he has continuously been an inspiration and supporter in my own vinous career.

We could have spoken for hours but I think this slightly longer than usual episode gives one plenty to think about and highlights why Oz shines in his field. We covered the complex topic of climate change and what it means for English wine, the downside of today’s highly evolved winemaking techniques, the best underappreciated regions to look out for, wine industry politics, how music relates to wine, discovering Australian wine with Patrick Stewart plus lots more. Being an accomplished RSC actor and performing musician, expect hilarious yet insightful anecdotes, animated wine tasting tips and of course Oz singing Gregorian chants…. I knew he would break into song at some point!

This animated and insightful chat was enhanced by equally engaging and interesting wine from around the world. Majestic’s Chilean Merlot brought back memories for Oz of his first trip to Chile in the 80s, and in his words, is “serious happy juice.” I also had fun cheerleading my local wine store in Gloucestershire, Raffles Fine Wine, by serving two bottles from their shop. A New Zealand Pinot Gris which I was introduced to by Monica Galletti and a stunning Rosé from the Languedoc which gives Provence a run for its money. In Oz’s words, it’s a “rosé with stuffing!

Supermarket: Majestic Wine: Single Vineyard Merlot, Montes, Chile 2021

Importer: Raffles Fine Wines Wine: Kumeu River, Pinot Gris, New Zealand 2020 and Domaine La Lauzeta, Certeza Rosé, France, 2021

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