Series 2 | Episode 5 | Ameliarate Through Wine | Sebastian de Souza


Meet my extremely talented yet also ridiculously self deprecating next guest – Sebastian de Souza . He made his debut at age 16 on the tv series Skins and has not stopped since!  Actor, screen writer, producer, musician, author and an aviation enthusiast . Due to his open mind and insatiable curiosity, I have chosen wines which enable us to vinously travel around the world, have interesting stories and which don’t fit into boxes. 

This conversation felt like talking to an old friend. I loved how honestly Seb talked about the joys and curveballs which come with having a multifaceted career, advice for actors, what drinks are enjoyed at wrap parties, his existential fears for the future which he explores in his book ‘Kid’, the best meals he has enjoyed on set, Oscar politics plus plenty more.  

This conversation went on quite a journey which was replicated by the varied provenances of the wine. Seb fell in love with a super delicious and accessible orange wine from Romania from the winery Cramele Recas. I also chose two wines from Wanderlust Wine – a wonderful importer who specializes in boutique wineries from far flung places. Seb tried his first wine, a beautiful Rosé from New York which made him want to go back there at once. We ended with a soulful white wine from the Azores islands to pair with his Portuguese heritage and love of minerality in wine. 

Online Retailers:  Hennings Wine, Latitude Wine, Reserve Wines 

Wine:  Cramele Recas, Solara Orange, Romania 2022 

Importer: Wanderlust Wine 

Wine:   Channing Daughters, Rosato Cabernet Franc, New York, USA, Adega do Vulcão, Arinto Ameixamber, Azores, Portugal 

To buy the wine and drink along, go online to and for the orange wine – check out the several listed online retailers.

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