Did you know that you can help save the planet by drinking Champagne?

Last week I met the Cellar Master of Champgne Telmont, Bertrand LHopital and the President, Ludovic du Plessis.

 What I learnt from them was enlightening and it seemed especially pertinent to share as we wrap up World Earth Month.

Champagne Telmont is one of the few Champagne houses to be certified as Organic – I had no idea that LESS than 5% of Champagne houses have that certification!!!

This gorgeously fresh yet elegant Champagne proves how it’s possible to produce the highest quality champagne with the greatest respect to the environment I adored the intense golden apple fruit, soft bubbles, lemon verbena freshness with a sprinkly of pastry on the finish. I also adore the super transparent and informative label which lists the exact vintages, exact ration of grapes used in the blend and it even has a QR code so you can find out exactly where the grapes came from. All aligned in their mission to be transparent and as pure as possible!

Champagne Telmont has been a family business since 1912 –  it is essentially a century old industry start up!  With the help of investor and keen climate change activist, Leonardo Di Caprio, they got their certification approved in 2017 and launched a program in 2021: in the name of Mother Nature. 

Initiatives have already been taken and will be expanded over the years with the aim to be Climate Positive by 2030 and Net Positive by 2050. 

In the video I mention 6 simple initiatives which they have made in their sustainability goals. 

Who knew that these  simple initiatives, can make such a mind-blowing difference to the planet?

What do these initiatives achieve for the environment? Read below  – if this doesn’t make you think more about your future bottle choices, I don’t know what will!

·      No giftboxes or bespoke bottles = by getting rid of gift boxes one can reduce 8% of the carbon footprint from each bottle.

·      No transparent bottles  =If you drink from a transparent bottle, then 0% can be recycled. By using green glass, 87% of the bottle can be recycled!

·      They use transition glass = no glass goes to waste!

·      Have made their bottles the lightest weight possible to further reduce their carbon footprint. The classic Champagne bottle weighs 900g, they have managed to get it down to 800g

·      Organic grapes =They have become organic and work with partner grape growers in their conversion.

·      Biodiversity and renewable energies = They don’t use air freight and further reduce the carbon footprint by using green energy on the estate ie biofuel for tractors and use electric cars

You can now drink beautiful bubbles and be mindful of the planet by enjoying the newly released Chamapgne Telmont , Reserve de la Terre. Available for 77.00  www.uk.Champagne-Telmont.com

And USA friends – this wine will be hitting your shores in the next couple of months!