Donnafugata Wine – the iconic Sicilian winery paired with fab Mexican food @cavita!

That’s right! Don’t limit yourself to only beers and marg when appreciating this sensorial cuisine!

The array of spices, textures, fresh herbs and varying temperatures in Mexican food lends itself to nuaned wines – which @donnafugatas impressive range does in abundance.

For a tantalising teaser of what we experienced PLUS guidance on how to get more from your next Mexican meal, check out the tips below! Salud!

For the fresh, aromatic and citrus based sea bass and octopus toastadas  or if you order raw seafood in general

We paired Donnafugata’s Vigna di Gabri 2021  – a zesty white blend which combines rich peach fruit of viognier, lemon zest from the sauvignon, savouriness from the native grapes and a refreshing saline finish.This is a fantastic alternative to Albarino and Sauvignon Blanc – and complemented the citrus and fresh herbs of the dish perfectly.

For the thin masa cakes served with homemade chorizo, earthy bean puree and a slightly piquante macha sauce you need something which can stand up to the meatiness and the slight spice.

We enjoyed Donnagfugata’s Belle Asi – made from the frappattto grape – Sicily’s aromatic native grape which Pinot Noir and serious Beaujolais fans would love. Soulful depths of dark cherries combine with black pepper spice and blood orange verve which complements this rustic dish perfectly.

For the cauliflower romesco which is complex, earthy and spicy – you need a persistent red doesn’t have too much tannin to clash with the heat and has good acidity to go with the brightness of the romesco sauce.

Bring on the Etna Rosso – the blueprint for this volcano based red blend of Nerello Mascalese (gives the intense plum and redcurrant fruit) plus Nerello Cappuchio ( adds colour and clove spice) and the soils gives a resinous graphite underbelly. It’s an extremely versatile and persistent wine despite its elegance.

Slow Smoked pork shoulder in tortillas

A robust dish needs a robust wine – and Donnafugata’s Mille Notte – mainly  based on the Nero d’Avola grape delivers! Crammed with sunshine ripened blackcurrant fruit and cinnamon spice plus sweet smelling flora on the nose, this wine is perfect with hearty meat dishes and the spice actually enhanced the fruit!

And for dessert the iconic dessert wines from the Pantelleria island – sun dried Zabbibo grapes converted into golden and tawny coloured elixirs. The aromatic Kabir is incredible with fruit or cream based desserts, whereas the dried fig fused Ben Rye is sensational with the richest chocolate concoction.

Enjoy! And I hope I haven’t made you too hungry!!