Ourglass – “Odd Couples” Wines

I’m so excited about my collaboration with @ourglass.wine to curate a one-of-a-kind wine experience for you to explore.

We had so much fun tasting and making some odd couple pairings.

And below, vinous videos of the handpicked selection of 6 unique wines from around the world.

I think you’ll agree they combine a passion for wine with a love for cultural exploration. Enjoy!

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Have you ever craved cereal and wine after a long day? Surely I can’t be the only one! I have found the perfect wine to go with everyone’s favourite nutty cereal! Check out Ben’s reaction first to see if it’s something you’ll try for yourself!

Dilettante Film 1

Dilettante Film 2

Dilettante Film 3

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Moreau-Naudet –

A Chablis that unites Chardonnay fans! This wine reminds me about why my passion is to make wine accessible and relatable to all. For a reasonable price, you uncork the 17th-century heritage and history of a very famous winemaking family. You can appreciate how it’s been aged in tanks and older barrels, giving it a traditional and fresh taste, with a subtle texture. It’s got to be one of my favourites, not to mention how it’s a divine pair to my secret recipe!

Moreau-Naudet Film 1

Moreau-Naudet Film 2

Moreau-Naudet Film 3

Moreau-Naudet Film 4

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Step aside Albariño…it’s time to make space for the underdog, Ultreia. The perfect side-kick to my favourite Spanish cheese, Ben seems to agree! Don’t forget, you can enjoy all of these unique wines that I have carefully selected for our wine box.

Ultreia Film 1

Ultreia Film 2

Ultreia Film 3

Ultreia Film 4

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Domaine Tempier ROSÉ


Sipping on Rosé crafted by the family who turns everyday moments into Gatsby-like soirees. From artistic rendezvous with film directors to decadent food clubs, @domainetempier epitomises the good life. Think of it as the South of France version of Studio 54.

Pour yourself a glass and step into their world with us whilst also enjoying one of the top 3 Roses in the world.

Bandol Film 1

Bandol Film 2

Bandol Film 3

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Any wine that lets me eat sundried tomatoes gets a thumbs-up from me!

Not to mention a Sicilian red that comes in a squat bottle!

Cos Cerasuolo Film 1

Cos Cerasuolo Film 2

Cos Cerasuolo Film 3

Cos Cerasuolo Film 4

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Once and Future

This Zinfandel comes from the Godfather of Zins – Joel Peterson. It’s the perfect full stop to our wine journey and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Can you guess which cured meat can stand up to the zin?

Once and Future Film 1

Once and Future Film 2

Once and Future Film 3

Once and Future Film 4

Once and Future Film 5

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